Hi! Vanellope Von Schweetz here, the President of Sugar Rush! So which one of you monkey brains wants to learn how to race? Because racing's in my code! (( Vanellope Von Schweetz roleplay blog. I don't do NSFW. There are two Vanellopes on this blog, normal kid Vanellope and teenage!Vanellope. I'm new to this, so I'm still trying to grasp her personality. Feel free to send me some questions, and don't be afraid to roleplay with me! I will roleplay with anyone and with any fandom! ))

M!A: None

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"You wanna know why I put the 'cute' in 'execute', punk?"


"You wanna know why I put the 'cute' in 'execute', punk?"
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The picture of sophisticated grace. 


tumblr user you-can-call-me-jollyanna wanted scans of vanellope’s princess dress from the art of wreck it ralph book

well i decided to go one better and scan ALL THE VANELLOPE!!!

have fun everyone!!! <3

Guess who recently watched Wreck It Ralph and has the Vanny back for the time being?